About HER

The ultimate destination for all your skin needs.

Hi, I'm Tash - Senior Dermal Therapist and owner of Her Skin Essentials. I have a background in Dermal Science and Beauty Therapy with over 6 years experience within the industry.

I have a strong passion in treating and correcting all skin conditions, Specialising in Pigmentation, Bridal Skin & Preventative Aging. 

Over the years I have developed and expanded my knowledge in dermal science and truly love the impact I have on my clients and how they feel in their own skin. I am extremely passionate about everyone's skin journey and I love educating my clients on the importance of skin health.

Her Skin Essentials was created to cater to all skin types, no matter the age - to help achieve your ultimate skin goals. Having a background in Beauty Therapy, I like to combine science with beauty creating a space of relaxation as well as being results driven.

With a wide range of treatments, I tailor my treatment plans to cater to your individual needs that fit your lifestyle and goals.

To start your skin journey, contact the studio or book your Skin Consultation today.